LIXIL Showroom Grand Opening

Masso Group has proposed 6-units synchronized HYPERVSN Wall to display 4 logos of Grohe, Inax, American Standard, Tostem, countdown numbers, and ‘Grand Opening’. Please contact us here:


Masso Group has proposed 9-unit synchronized HYPERVSN Wall to display medical symbols with 3D Holographic effects for The 11th Asia Pacific FUTURE TRENDS FORUM – an event of client NOVARTIS, …

Star Alliance seminar by EVA Air

Masso Group has proposed 3-units synchronized HYPERVSN Wall to display 28 logos of 28 airlines with 3D Holographic effects. Please contact us here:

Volkswagen at Motorshow 2018

Mr. Tuấn Anh – CEO Volkswagen Vietnam – cảm thấy mãn nguyện vì đã kịp thời ứng dụng công nghệ 3D Holographic HYPERVSN Wall 9-unit tại Vietnam MotorShow 2018, từ …